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Wood Products Logistics


ShipXpress provides collaborative supply chain software solutions for wood products manufacturers and wholesale distributors. Many customers rely on our innovative systems to enhance operational efficiency across costs, inventory, production and demand. Better management of wood flows within the supply chain is an important priority for forestry and wood products companies.

Based in the cloud and tailor-made for each customer’s needs, our products require only a browser, tablet or in-cab system to streamline operations across the entire wood supply chain – from harvest operations through to the market. Our solution can be utilized to:

  • Make specific pickup or delivery appointments in time for shipments.
  • Provide a fully automated process, compatible with our freight rates solution, ShipX® Rates.
  • Maintain freight rates and all the intricacies of surcharges, switch cost absorptions, weight limits and car types.
  • Monitor transfer and warehouse costs.
  • Assess best sourcing options and evaluate competitiveness.


  • Manage entire workflows from contract to cash from a single command portal
  • Plan, tender & track all truck, rail and barge shipments
  • Reduce transport costs and improve margins
  • Keep everyone in sync with collaboration and self-service
  • Collaborate and exchange data and documents with all parties
  • Quickly identify operational issues
  • Immediately access visual reports


  • Single platform for wood products supply, logistics and operations
  • Multi-commodity, multi-modal, transloading
  • Manage end-to-end business processes and transactions
  • Counter-party collaboration with self-service workspace
  • Back office features include allocation and reconciliation

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