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Salt is one of the most versatile minerals . Its uses vary from de-icing highways and seasoning our foods to its utilization in many industrial contexts.

Salt production is also diverse in its own right, as it is acquired from salt flats, underground mines, evaporation sites and processing plants among others.

No matter what your salt extraction points are, you need an efficient supply chain solution that can give you the visibility of the entire supply chain lifecycle. The ShipX Salt Supply Chain Portal provides an integrated platform for control of all aspects of the operation to make sure your business runs smoothly, and your salt shipment makes it to your customers, on time, every time.

Whether it’s tracking covered hopper cars and/or bulk trucks and barges as your product moves up and down the supply chain, or tracking inventory levels to satisfy orders, our software solutions will keep you in the driver’s seat of all your shipment movements.


  • One platform that ensures communication between supplier and customer
  • Improve transparency - complete supply chain visibility
  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize returns
  • Instant cancellations and new order adjustments
  • Reduce detention charges and dwell times
  • Complete visibility over transload points


  • A multi-collaborative portal to monitor salt shipment life cycles on rail, truck, and barge
  • Real-time salt shipment visibility with mobile alerts
  • Track and disburse salt inventory through shipment yard control
  • Manage transloading of salt product between transport modes
  • Automatic eBOL generation and confirmation via email
  • Automatic demurrage and detention calculations
  • View multiple transport options on one portal
  • Contracts & nomination management
  • Rates database for easy route calculations
  • Secure data encryption and usage permissions
  • Advanced business analytics and flexible reporting for business modeling purposes

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