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Metals Logistics


ShipXpress provides integrated, multi-modal solutions which allow metal products dealers to immediately identify, buy and sell opportunities. Recovering metals can be a lucrative proposition or a time consuming effort – many factors affect overall profitability, including difficulty of dismantling and material loading, and the going rate when selling to the yard. ShipXpress maintains all rail rates, allowing the instant calculation of transportation costs and assessment of a cost-effective deal. 

Our systems provide real time crucial information, to help our customers make up to date decisions, be ahead of their competitors and close deals instantly – especially during deal week, when you need a solution that closes deals quickly and efficiently. We partner with our customers to tailor solutions to individual needs and enhance communication between dealers and decision-makers. 


  • Manage entire workflows from contract to cash from a single command portal
  • Plan, tender & track all truck, rail and barge shipments
  • Reduce transport costs and improve margins
  • Keep everyone in sync with collaboration and self-service
  • Collaborate and exchange data and documents with all parties
  • Quickly identify operational issues
  • Immediately access visual reports


  • Single platform for metals logistics operations
  • Multi-commodity, multi-modal, transloading
  • Manages end-to-end business processes and transactions
  • Counter-party collaboration with self-service workspace
  • Back office features include allocation and reconciliation

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