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With crude oil production straining against pipeline and infrastructure constraints, the energy industry is in need of more options. Fewer leases have local gathering lines, making truck and rail essential for moving crude production to market. ShipXpress can enhance management of these options and enable upstream producers to optimize oil field tank truck gathering, electronic field ticketing, GPS routing and end-to-end logistics for truck, rail, pipe and barge. In use by two of the top four players in the crude oil E&P industry, the ShipX® Crude Portal has driven measurable returns by connecting all entities across the supply chain and enabling greater efficiencies for all involved.


With the ethanol industry oversupplied and margins thin, supply chain efficiency is the determining factor for success or failure. ShipXpress can enable real time visibility and collaborative decision-making throughout the ethanol supply chain. Trade partners can easily manage inventories, contracts, nominations and truck and rail logistics. The ShipX® Ethanol Portal was released in 2010 and was named one of the “100 Great Supply Chain Products” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive in 2011.


Domestic crude volumes are surging and pipelines are at capacity, creating greater dependency on truck and rail transport for crude marketing. The key to profitability is finding the lowest cost, most efficient routes for distribution. ShipXpress can enable upstream producers to plan and execute distribution via rail, truck and pipeline including nominations, confirmations, actuals and settlement.


ShipXpress maximizes competitive advantages and logistics options with a comprehensive solution that can manage all refined product movements by truck, rail, pipeline, barge and vessel. All counter-parties remain fully connected in a single system from contract to settlement and can create their own workspace on the system for contract and rate acceptance, nominations, confirmations, custody transfers and real time volumes. ShipXpress is the only vendor in the refined products space to offer a web-based collaborative platform that allows for real-time transactions and data exchange among all parties in midstream, downstream and logistics management.


Railroad Management is in our DNA. ShipXpress is a leading solution provider for shortline and regional railroads, with over 60 rail carriers managing their operations with ShipX® RailSync. As a web-based solution, RailSync products provide real-time, 24/7 access with instant and transparent upgrades and enhancements. Product integration between Command (transportation management system), Concur (interline settlement system) and Control (car hire accounting) streamlines every aspect of your data for improved and effective operational and financial decisions.


ShipXpress provides solutions for agriculture and grain-related businesses with ShipX® Agribusiness Portal which allows commodity management by truck, rail and barge. This software can support multiple inventory locations and facility destinations, extending to all parties in the agribusiness supply chain in order to process transactions and shipments efficiently.


Timeliness in the metals industry determines a major deal or a lost customer. For grades of scrap traded monthly during Deal Week, you need a solution that closes deals quickly and efficiently. Our integrated, multi-modal solution will allow scrap and finished products dealers to immediately identify buy/sell opportunities quickly. Crucial information can be provided at your fingertips so you can act before your competitors, quickly close deals and stay on top of your fleet. Instantly improve communication between dealers and decision-makers, as we tailor solutions to every company’s individual needs.


The wood products industry has rapidly evolved from a week-of supply mode to day-of supply. At ShipXpress, we have the ability to make sure your supply chain is tight enough to make the cut, giving you access to forecast arrival and appointment setup. Our solution can be utilized to make specific pickup/delivery appointments in time for shipments, through a fully automated process, compatible with our ShipX® Rates solution. Suppliers can also assess their best sourcing options and evaluate their competitive position.


The ShipX® Aggregates Portal can keep track of your shuttle trains and find the best method of getting your product to the construction site, and also find out how your site stacks up with your competitors while sourcing your site options. The hydrofracturing industry has experienced tremendous growth in sales, creating many challenges in shipment planning and execution. We have designed the ShipX® Portal to meet the needs of all entities within the aggregates and hydrofracturing industry such as well sites, steel pipe suppliers, railroads, truckers and transload terminals, but it can be further modified to meet the unique needs of each customer.


ShipX® Chemicals Portal offers tight management of your chemical shipments at the transactional level, allowing you to view details instantly and evaluate the bigger picture. Our Staff is experienced in HazMat management and has first-hand knowledge of this industry and the highly regulated environment in which it operates. Leading specialty chemicals and materials companies depend on ShipXpress to move their products safely, cost efficiently and on time. We partner with our customers to tailor ShipX® Portal to individual chemical-related needs, enhancing management of overall operations even more.


Call on the ShipXpress Plastics Portal to efficiently oversee all aspects of your supply chain, whether you are a producer or manufacturer. Our product helps you streamline your plastics processes from the pick-up point to the delivery destination and everywhere in between. Intelligent solutions are our specialty, which means we provide you with the most comprehensive data so you can make the lucrative decisions that fuel your business. We offer up-to-the-minute updates of the location of your cargo at all times, and we integrate our services with multiple carrier solutions to provide you with all the information you need at the single swipe of a screen. Our clients are well-assured of the quality service our solutions afford the requirements, and they trust ShipXpress to get it right – the first time.  


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