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Ethanol Marketing and Logistics


The ShipX® Ethanol Portal provides customers with the most cost-effective options by collaborating all entities across the supply chain such as trucking companies, railroads, barge lines and warehouses. With ethanol volumes at an all-time high, logistics is the margin constraint that can create profitable trades and absorb losses. ShipX® Ethanol Portal is a complete, integrated solution to meet the business and supply chain needs of ethanol plants for greater efficiency, enhanced information management, and maximum margins. It allows Ethanol producers to take control of key areas including contract management, grain receiving, flow controller integration for outbound ethanol, production and financial reporting along with business analysis via the ShipX® BI tool. This collaborative and ground-breaking solution can be tailor-made to meet the unique needs of Ethanol producers. ShipXpress has worked with some of the biggest names in the ethanol industry, to help them streamline operations efficiently and improve productivity.


  • Manage entire workflows from contract to cash in a single command portal 
  • Plan, tender & track all truck, rail and barge shipments 
  • Reduce per gallon transport costs and improve margins 
  • Keep everyone in sync with collaboration and self-service
  • Collaborate and exchange data and documents with all parties   
  • Quickly identify operational issues 
  • Immediately view visual reports


  • Single platform for ethanol logistics operations
  • Multi-commodity, multi-modal, transloading
  • Manages end-to-end business process and transactions
  • Counter-party collaboration with self-service workspace 
  • Back Office features include allocation and reconciliation

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