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Midstream Crude Marketing and Logistics

Midstream Oil and Gas

The Midstream Oil and Gas sector involves gathering, processing, transporting and marketing of crude oil, ethanol and natural gas liquids. There are several midstream asset configurations such as facilities that gather, process and transport supply for third party shippers, operators that act as merchants utilizing the assets for their own buy/sell needs, or both. Terminal and pipeline operators are also tasked with managing the multifaceted processes of allocating and balancing crude oil, condensate and other product volumes. 
We provide a comprehensive system for midstream operators to efficiently manage operations and commercial activities that are critical to success. It allows managing of midstream transactions with customers including contracts, nominations, scheduling, allocations, settlements, imbalance, inventory and accounting, administrating division order and disbursement, budget management with financial controls, gathering and analyzing of data for operational and commercial processing and business intelligence reporting. Our products can also be customized to meet each individual customer's needs and can be accessed online, anywhere anytime. 


  • Manage entire workflows from contract to cash in a single command portal 
  • Plan, tender & track all truck, rail and barge shipments 
  • Reduce per-barrel transport costs and improve margins 
  • Keep everyone in sync with collaboration and self-service 
  • Collaborate and exchange data and documents with all parties  
  • Quickly identify operational issues 
  • Immediately view visual reports


  • Single platform for crude marketing and logistics 
  • Multi-commodity, multi-modal, transloading
  • Manage end-to-end business process and transactions
  • Counter-party collaboration with self-service workspace
  • Back office features include allocation and reconciliation

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