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Cement is a necessary ingredient in the construction industry, as it literally holds everything together, thereby ensuring structural integrity.

As an operator in the cement business, you need to ensure that your supply chain is maximized for efficiency to execute the timely delivery of resources required in a complex aggregate supply chain.

The ShipXpress Cement Portal can be customized according to the specifications of any business along the cement production line. With supply chain optimization from the production point and processing facility through the final shipment module to end-customers in construction, all network participants are connected and instantly updated through one, easy-to- use software platform.

Keeping track of your bulk and packaged cement shipments through rail, truck, and barge has never been easier, with our advanced Cement Portal. Since bulk shipments and packaged shipments require different logistical specifications, we are sensitive to those requirements.


  • One platform – multiple collaborators down the supply chain
  • Improve transparency of the full supply chain life cycle
  • Minimize costs
  • Maximize returns
  • Instant cancellations and new order adjustments
  • Reduce detention charges and dwell times
  • Complete visibility over transload points
  • Advanced data analytics for sophisticated business modeling


  • Live visibility on all cement shipments through rail, truck, and barge
  • Mobile updates on shipment movements
  • Up-to-date shipment yard inventory tracking and disbursement
  • Automatic eBOL generation and confirmation through email 
  • Instant demurrage and detention calculations 
  • Contracts and Nomination management 
  • In-depth rates database for route calculations
  • Monitor secure permissions and user controls

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