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Non-Metallic Minerals 


Non-Metallic Minerals form the cornerstone of civilization and comprise a diverse array of elements. The extraction and transport of these aggregate materials form a complex network of responsibilities that need a top-of-the-line transport management system to stay on track and on time, each time.

ShipXpress software solutions form a specially designed “aggregate” of modules that adeptly address the various challenges in the production and distribution of aggregate materials.

Crushed Stone

As one of the most common minerals used in the construction industry, crushed stone is one aggregate that is constantly in demand. Our advanced product suite provides you with complete visibility of your operations, whether it’s enabling better communication with your transport partners, or tracking and tracing your stone truck shipments from quarry through processing facility to your end-customers.


Another of the versatile aggregates used on its own (for purposes such as de-icing) or mixed to form composite substances such as concrete, sand is an important element. It is in high demand due to construction needs, and you need to ensure that your sand supply chain functions efficiently to match that demand. ShipXpress solutions provide you with the nitty-gritty details of your sand supply, no matter where it is down the line. From the mine to the packaging plant and to distributors, our software will ensure your sand shipments get where they need to go, without a grain out of place.


Often used with sand to form composite minerals, gravel is a necessary component in construction. Spurred by the burgeoning housing and construction markets, gravel will continue to break new ground in terms of demand. Our solutions are tailored specifically for gravel producers to keep track of their shipments from quarry to client, to eliminate all processing errors en-route.

Frac Sand

ShipXpress is sensitive to the needs of the hydro-fracing industry, which needs to ensure top-quality proppant production to clients in crude extraction. Our software portals have been specially designed to provide you with the kind of clear visibility you need for smooth operations between your production points, transport partners, and end- customers.


Cement is literally the glue that holds the construction industry together, and its importance cannot be stressed enough. With its diverse end uses from construction and oil extraction, ShipXpress is well-versed in the transport challenges cement producers face in getting their product out quickly and efficiently, with effective communication between all collaborators down the cement supply chain.


The transport of salt presents many challenges, as it is derived from a variety of sources: underground mines, salt flats, processing plants and the like. No matter who you are in the supply chain, our specialized software provides a solution to streamline your salt shipments through rail, truck, and barge, and fosters better communication between all network participants, from logistics managers and truckers to warehouse personnel.


Since Non-Metallic Minerals cover a broad scope of materials, transporting them can be a daunting task. From quarry through rail, truck, and barge to your end customers, you need an all-inclusive TMS that can put you in the driver’s seat of your supply chain, no matter which element(s) you’re transporting.

Check out the unique benefits and features of our award-winning software product suite:


  • Drive collaboration across supply chain
  • Gain complete visibility across network operations
  • Reduce/eliminate costs
  • Increase revenues
  • Instantaneous cancellations and new order adjustments
  • Reduce detention and demurrage charges
  • Advanced data analytics tools for better business planning


  • Truck tendering, rating, delivery confirmation
  • Rail shipment eBOLs, rates, tracking
  • Contracts, including counter-party confirmation
  • Railcar availability projection 90 days out
  • Freight accruals and approve to pay
  • Coordinate orders, tenders, pickups, and deliveries
  • Truckers receive and confirm tenders on mobile devices
  • Seamlessly integrates with EDIs to sync all collaborators and eliminate errors

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