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ShipX® eBOL: Automated Bill Of Lading Process


Ship X eBOL is your one-stop solution for generating error-free electronic BOLs from XML feeds and MS Excel with a 99.8% acceptance rate – the highest in the industry. Our solution simplifies the entire process, which minimizes errors and maximizes efficiency. 

Data entry made obsolete:

Through one centralized portal, you can streamline BOL transmission and eliminate manual data entry.

  • Easy ERP system integration for automated BOL generation
  • Easy uploads from Excel spreadsheets
  • Consolidated trading partner information
  • Validate information through UMLER
  • Pre-set BOL transmission option
  • Scalable solution: one database for all customers

User-friendly interface:

Our multi-functional system is easy to navigate, which makes your job easier.

  • One database that retains all information
  • Double-click reference tables with IRF information to eliminate errors and additional research
  • Historical and template data exportable to Excel
  • Option to add Certificate of Analysis, Gross Gallons, and Carbon Intensity
  • Easy online access to historical information through contract period
  • Auto-entry of HAZMAT references
  • Transmit BOL copy to serving railroad

Secure, automated processes:

Our smart eBOL solution is certified to apply 997, 824, and 417-level acknowledgements. Receive BOLs in PDF form with automatic alerts if they are not certified at the numeric levels above.

The ShipX eBOL solution merges multiple processes into one convenient portal, saving you time, money, and sanity. 

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