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ShipX® Yard: Manage your Yard


ShipX® Yard is a multi-purpose, cloud-based rail yard management platform, which provides increased visibility of railcars, allowing subscribers to access multiple yards with just one click. By providing ETA's of inbound cars, rail crews can prepare to receive cars efficiently.

As a powerful planning tool, ShipX® Yard provides visibility of each rail yard event from inbound receipt of the car to the final outbound event. Create switch lists and reposition assets for efficiency and accuracy while reporting key parameters with ShipX® Yard. Experience a significant reduction in costs by improving facility productivity and error rates.                                                                                                                                                            


  • Sort railcars by location, product and fleet 
  • Manage multiple sites simultaneously
  • Assign user profiles individually to ensure appropriate access to users (role-based access)
  • Perform critical railcar inspections quickly 
  • Access recorded information immediately
  • Interact with a user-friendly and graphical interface 
  • Generate extensive inventory, operational, and financial reports


  • View actual yard inventory and scheduled work orders
  • Instantly update movements and sequence tracks 
  • Execute re-sequencing and switching through a simple drag-and-drop feature
  • Measure yard dwell times and time between activities
  • Control and update switch lists across multiple users

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