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ShipX® Trax: Track Rail Shipments


ShipX® Trax is a rail freight management solution that tracks, traces and proactively monitors shipments. Trax provides superior data for railcars and inventory-in-motion, creating a secure platform for shippers.

It allows viewing access to customers, letting them see in-transit goods across multiple carriers. It also offers sales-on-track and visibility to both parties in real-time, allowing them to access their railcar shipments across multiple Class I and Shortline railroads throughout North America. This includes shipment status ETAs, bad order/repairs and other shipment status messages.

Additionally, Trax's transparency extends to the rail yard and the shop. All users gain real-time access to the ShipXpress applications in a secure, shared space to exchange contract details, shipping documents, rates, schedules, forecasts and eBOLs, which is referred to as Self-Service.

“We chose Trax for its unique features that allow collaboration across many layers and because it’s the #1 rated service to forecast arrival times. We are looking forward to utilizing Trax to streamline our processes and increase control over business operations, as this will significantly help us reduce costs and manual efforts” – A leading supplier of industrial explosives and blasting services.


  • Foresee costly delivery delays ahead of time 
  • Manage by exception using alerts 
  • Track key KPIs, cycle, dwell, and transit times
  • Access all historical records with comments
  • Manage unit trains and stragglers
  • Maintain lease contracts, fleet status, and UMLER information 
  • Stay on top of demurrage and detention expenses
  • Enhance data visualization of operations via Business Intelligence 


  • Universal web access via PC, tablet, or smartphone
  • Dynamic proprietary ETA process
  • 24/7 support via email, phone, and online chat 
  • Intuitive report scheduler and manager
  • Dashboards for customized KPIs 
  • Quick integration with your ERP/Accounting System


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