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ShipX® Transload: Transload Management made easy


ShipX® Transload is a logistics management tool which streamlines transload operations for rail, barge, and truck transportation. It allows customers to manage all multi-modal transloading activities, and speed up facility services, orders and inventory management.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Our solution easily integrates with ERP systems and EDI data sources, and controls inbound / outbound shipments and on-site inventory movements while automating workflow to fulfill customer orders. It delivers inventory visibility at a single location or across an entire terminal network to assist owners, operators, and customers with improved production planning alongside billing management for transload services to third parties.

ShipXpress addresses the need to co-manage multiple assets and yards with multi-modal capability for lifts, truck, rail, and barge. ShipX® Transload extends to all parties in the transload process to keep the flow of commodities and materials moving efficiently.


  • Provides a single platform for multi-location management
  • Manage inventory in real-time
  • Reduce shipment dwell time 
  • Access to multiple reports such as yard check, inventory status, planned car reports, and more
  • Color code products by grade or type 
  • Quickly customize views according to user preferences 
  • Integrate with scales and gauges at transload terminals 
  • Handle billing for transload services of third parties


  • Record, update and execute work orders
  • Integrate with EDI sources to control inbound and outbound movements
  • Link UMLER information with railcars
  • Use numerous Units of Measure 
  • Manage storage detention and demurrage charges

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