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ShipX for Shippers, Traders and Transload Operators

ShipX Portal

ShipX® Portal is an all-inclusive, collaborative and vast software system designed to meet the supply chain needs of businesses in all types of industries including Oil & Gas, Metals, Agribusiness, Wood, Frac Sand, Chemicals and Transportation (Railroads). Portal can be deployed either as a complete solution including commodities contract management and the ShipX® (the ShipX® suite of solutions) and TMS+ or in modules relevant to your specific needs. Portal creates collaborative networks by providing solutions that add value to all participants within an industry.

ShipX Rates

ShipX® Rates provides all the information necessary to make the best decisions about how to ship products.ShipX® Rates maintains rates, surcharge and routing information in a secure database so that shippers or their carriers can evaluate multi-modal sourcing options, minimize costs and maximize returns for each shipment.

ShipX Trax

ShipX® Trax is a rail freight management solution that tracks, traces and proactively monitors shipments. Trax provides superior data for railcars and inventory-in-motion, creating a secure platform for shippers. It allows viewing access for their buyers, letting them see in-transit goods across multiple carriers, offers sales-on-track to both parties in real-time and provides shippers with real-time visibility to all of their railcar shipments across multiple Class I and Shortline railroads throughout North America including shipment status ETA’s, bad order/repairs and other shipment status messages.

ShipX BI

ShipX® BI is a user-friendly robust performance management and reporting tool which allows companies to monitor all performance planning operations, from budgeting, financial consolidation and profitability analysis to planning and forecasting. ShipXpress’ advanced business intelligence tool gives customers the option of adding on a single product consisting of all the functionalities needed to create powerful, customized business analysis without the use of any programming. 

ShipX eBOL

ShipX® eBOL generates electronic bills of lading that drive automation and efficiency in the back office, improving accuracy for accounting and settlement. Instead of collecting data from multiple rail websites, our software provides you with one location for data entry. 

ShipX Transload

ShipX® Transload is a transloading management software which streamlines transload operations across the supply chain. It allows customers to manage all multi-modal transloading activities, speed up facility services, contracts, orders and inventory management for maximum revenue and cost controls.

ShipX Yard

ShipX® Yard is a yard management software platform that puts command and control back in the hands of operations. This cohesive solution maintains the placement of all assets with mobile access, provides increased visibility for yard and tracking information, through tag and bar code readers, railcar inspections, and railcar data integration from ShipX® Trax.

ShipX Accounting

ShipX® Accounting is a complete business management software solution to manage accounting services for growing businesses. With ShipX® Accounting, you can handle mileage compensation and equalization auditing, lease contract management, invoice auditing, state tax audit preparation and filing. 

ShipX Repairs

The ShipX® Repair Invoice Management solution provides comprehensive services to control and validate your repair costs, including auditing repair invoices received from contract repair shops, filing and tracking claims for discrepancies identified through repair invoice audits and allocating repair costs using customized accounting guidelines.

ShipX Docs

ShipX® Docs is a convenient online system which saves time, space and money. You can choose to share your documents with colleagues and trading partners or keep them private using this safe and secure archival software. It is the perfect storage solution for: lease invoices, tax invoices and assessments, mileage credit statements, allocation coding tickets and contracts.

ShipX Inspect

ShipX® Inspect is a mobile railcar inspection application for shippers and railroad owners. It streamlines their processes in inspecting, repairing, and cleaning their railcar into an always-available mobile application. The application can be configured to your needs and will then document the railcar's condition for proper securement, damage, contamination, and maintenance.

Railsync for Railroads

Railsync Command

Railsync® Command allows you to oversee every aspect of terminal, yard and train operations. It is a comprehensive transportation operations management system that allows you to manage local and interline rail activity and better control customer service administration. 

Railsync Control

Railsync® Control offers accurate, flexible and interactive car hire management to manage your car hire expenses with daily reconciliation of charges and administration of exceptions. 

Railsync Concur 

Railsync® Concur software allows you to manage all aspects of your freight revenue, interline, junction settlement and switching. Benchmark with Class 1 partners and easily manage rate authorities and manage transactions.

Railsync Converge

Railsync® Converge is a web-centric shipment planning and execution platform that allows customers to create eBOLs, obtain visibility, maintain historical records and monitor shipment plans.

Railsync MobileCommand

RailSync® Mobile Command increases productivity and synchronized communications between train crews, office staff and customers through use of our wireless device that interfaces with the RailSync® Command transportation management application.

Railsync Shop

RailSync® Shop is a car repair billing system which allows you to simplify and accurately bill all types of car repairs. Manage all car repair billing needs from estimate to final invoice with ShipXpress’ RailSync Shop.

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