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ShipX® Portal: Integrated Logistics

Portal Collaboration

Imagine a solution integrated into every aspect of your business... then expand that solution to enable collaboration with all of your supply chain partners on that same platform. Transporting bulk logistics has never been easier with ShipX Portal.


End consumers usually believe that producing goods is the most difficult part, but we all know that it’s transporting those goods that is the most challenging. With dedicated Portals to various industries such as Oil & Gas, Metals, Wood, Frac Sand, and Plastics among others, the Portal is personalized to meet the challenges faced of each.

The ShipX Portal creates collaborative networks by providing solutions that add value to all participants within an industry. It integrates with an accompanying mobile application, which is architecturally designed for efficient multi-party collaboration and electronic processing, as well as mobile printers for instant hard copies. Improve your efficiencies, processes, and workforce procedures by conducting your operations anywhere, anytime. 

What does ShipX Portal do for me?

  • Monitor entire shipment life cycles from planning to execution on real-time dashboards
  • Ease collaboration by providing one platform for everyone to input information
  • Identify gaps internally and across the supply chain and bridges them
  • Make current processes more efficient with automation and electronic processing
  • Provides monetary value and time savings for all parties in the supply chain


  • Contract management: create and confirm contracts, contract compliance reporting, and detailed visibility of commitments over supplier and/or buyer contract periods
  • Nominations/delivery scheduling
  • Easy to generate, cancel, or divert shipments
  • Counter-party confirmation
  • Evaluate logistics cost options via multiple routes and modes; manage delivered prices by combining freight and FOB price
  • Calculate potential net-backs to the plant
  • Accounting application interface; automate payments and invoicing
  • EBOL for rail shipments; the highest acceptance rate in the industry: 99.8%
  • Suppliers interface with software at loading/unloading stations and gain real-time visibility
  • Truck carriers manage rates for each customer and gather metrics on loads offered and accepted
  • Truck carriers can accept loads through a preferred method: web, email, and/or text
  • Transload terminals view on-hand and in-transit inventory vs. outbound shipments
  • Transload terminals manage detention and demurrage, set appointments
  • Data encryption and user permissions according to your needs
  • Highly flexible reporting, analysis, and data delivery; plant performance details by region/ transport mode



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