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ShipX® Inspect:Mobile Railcar Inspection

ShipX Inspect

What if you could improve the workflow revolving railcars which need inspections, repairs, or cleaning? It’s easy to lose a car to minor repairs or to delay shipments because of regulatory inspections. We worked with leading railroads and shippers to produce ShipX Inspect, a mobile railcar inspection application to replace your outdated paper inspection sheet and advance your processes.

What can ShipX Inspect do for you? If you own a railroad, you can perform inbound inspections at the interchange and notify pre-configured connecting carriers via email. If you are a shipper, you can inspect empty cars prior to acceptance or within the shipper yard. ShipX Inspect has a number of benefits for both railroad owners and shippers.

What features does Inspect have? You can configure the questions to your needs and then document the railcar’s condition for proper securement, damage, contamination, and maintenance. The application allows loaders and inspectors to create and record inspections conducted in the field and to archive railcar profile data to reduce unpaid customer damage.

What’s the difference between us and everyone else? You can use our mobile application online using Wi-Fi or offline when Wi-Fi is not available, allowing you to store information and update as soon as you get connectivity. The application allows you to attach and email comments and photographs straight from your Android device. If you’re accessing the desktop application, you can view and export PDF copies of inspections sheets which were completed using a mobile device.



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