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ShipX® Business Discovery: Robust Business Intelligence

Business Analysis

ShipX® Business Discovery is a robust, user-friendly business intelligence and reporting tool that allows companies to monitor all planning operations from budgeting, financial consolidation, and profitability analysis to planning and forecasting.

ShipXpress’ advanced BI solution gives customers the option of adding on a single product consisting of all the functionalities needed to create powerful, customized business analysis without the use of any programming. You can access a full host of Business Intelligence functions, including reporting, dashboarding, and multi-dimensional analysis.


  • Click-driven visual interface
  • No training needed, just point and click
  • Unlimited animated graphs and charts
  • Dashboard for targeted and task specific data formats
  • Combine data sources for instant answers to your questions


  • View revenue breakdown by Interline, Junction Settlement and/or Switch
  • Provides customers accessorial charges (demurrage, detention, storage)
  • Analyze Car Hire Receivables and Payables  
  • Assess real time dwell analysis

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