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ShipX® Accounting: Railcar Administration


ShipX® Accounting is a complete business solution to manage equipment asset accounting services for growing businesses. With ShipX® Accounting you can handle mileage compensation, lease contract management, state tax audit preparation, equipment characteristic reporting requirements (UMLER), and the audit of equalizations, invoices, and shop repairs.


  • Minimize fleet maintenance expenses  
  • Manage tedious rail accounting tasks at a low cost
  • Centralize all paper by giving all parties access
  • Provide assurance of all your monthly credits 
  • Utilize all industry reference files
  • Manage repair reviews, auditing, tracking, and reconciliation of claims 
  • Hand over mileage equalization to ShipXpress staff 
  • Ensure correct rates are paid on leases 
  • Validate start and end dates for offsetting repairs 


  • Identify discrepancies between your statements 
  • File claims with railroads and leasing companies 
  • Reconcile, audit, and allocate mileage credits
  • Manage receipts of mileage compensation when due and accrual of over-payments 
  • Ensure alerts are closed after wheel replacement

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