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Refined Fuels Marketing and Logistics

Refined Fuels Industry

Integrated, collaborative and adaptable, ShipXpress products can streamline the entire supply chain for refined fuel operators. Whether your role is focused on a particular segment or overall operations, traders, refineries, counterparties, trucking companies and rail providers can execute and ship orders in real-time.

Real-time monitoring and management of market, volumetric and credit risks, alongside operations of logistics and storage is of extreme importance. ShipX® products for the Refined Fuels Industry handles contracts, terms, nominations, complex price formulas, net back calculations, logistical and commercial decisions, revenue allocation and even accounting, with the option of careful customization according to specified customer needs. 


  • Manage entire workflows from contract to cash in a single command portal 
  • Plan, tender & track all truck, rail and barge shipments 
  • Reduce per gallon transport costs and improve margins
  • Collaborate and exchange data and documents with all parties  
  • Quickly identify operational issues 
  • View stunning visual reports


  • Single platform for refined products inventory, marketing and logistics operations 
  • Multi-commodity, multi-modal, transloading 
  • Manage end-to-end business processes and transactions 
  • Counterparty collaboration with self-service workspace 
  • Back office features include allocation and reconciliation

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