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RailSync® Shop: Simplify Railcar Billing

RailSync Shop

RailSync® Shop is a car repair billing system that allows you to simplify and accurately bill all types of car repairs. Manage all car repair billing needs from estimate to final invoice with RailSync® Shop. 


  • Create custom job codes and reduce data entry time
  • Provide custom labor rates and material costs by customer
  • Print/e-mail BRC details and invoices in a variety of formats
  • Create miscellaneous or custom service billing
  • Make electronic submissions to data exchange
  • Print BRC cards including any comments or instructions
  • Automatically deliver standard and custom reports such as detailed car status breakdowns
  • Easily customize billing and invoices


  • Enter CEPM (Comprehensive Equipment Performance Monitoring) data 
  • Further integrate your systems with: Damage Defective Car Tracking System (DDCTS), Equipment Health Management System (EHMS), Early Warning System, UMLER
  • Export BRC lines in standard AAR 500 byte format
  • Provide format for special uploading into 3rd party systems (TTX, GATX)
  • Quickly perform system audits on correct AAR job codes

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