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RailSync® Control: Rail Car Hire and Reporting


RailSync® Control is a car hire cost management system that determines liability, processes reported events for data exchange, and provides visibility of cycles and claim processing. Control offers accurate, flexible, and interactive car hire management to manage your car hire expenses with daily reconciliation of charges and administration of exceptions.

RailSync® Control delivers an advanced claim identification and creation process for payables and event reporting that can be integrated with RailSync® Command, for use in receivables when applicable. 


  • Automatically calculate car hire cycles daily
  • Reduce claims significantly with precise reporting 
  • Provide preliminary audits of system data 
  • Handle complicated car hire agreements automatically
  • Research your information with interactive, sortable, and exportable reports
  • Approve, edit or cancel receivable claims with one click  
  • Customize fields according to user preferences 
  • Easily maintain contract rates and reclaim agreements 
  • Review events, payments, and reclaims in tabular displays


  • View car hire liability by customers via dashboards 
  • Highlight where and why your costs accrue with financial reports 
  • Apply accurate rates using Car Hire Accounting Rates Master (CHARM) and contract rates 
  • Access reported events such as interchanges, made visible through integration with RailSync® Command 
  • Access to multiple reference tables in one spot, for research on exceptions

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