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RailSync® Concur: Revenue Management and ISS


RailSync® Concur allows short line and regional railroads full participation in the Interline Settlement System (ISS). Concur is built on six key features: Revenue Waybill Management, Price Management, Freight Billing, Report Writing, the Control Panel, and Master Files. Manage all aspects of your freight revenue, interline, junction settlement, and switching with RailSync® Concur.                                                                                


  • Import 417 transportation waybills with ease
  • Manage 426 revenue waybills 
  • Access waybill data at any time and from any computer on the web
  • Minimize training time and implementation efforts with the easy-to-use, robust interface
  • Save time and money by eliminating waybill errors with Concur’s validation tools and master file automation
  • Manage multiple railroads during a single online session
  • Take advantage of RailSync’s full-service 24x7 customer support center


  • Auto-populate rate entry
  • Validate using Industry Reference Files 
  • Automate rate maintenance using mileages and fuel surcharges
  • Manage group rates and shipment conditions
  • Query rates using flexible reports

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