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 Plastics Logistics Management


Plastics producers require a solution that address the many challenges, which emerge during the manufacturing process as well as the dispersed nature of the customer base. The ShipX supply chain portal solution for Plastics will assist producers and manufacturers in efficiently managing your processes.

The economies of the production scale negates the ability to create over 100 grades of product in a JIT manufacturing process. Instead, the production run outputs many weeks’ worth of shipments of varying grade of products and granules that have to be stored in SIT cars that are located close to the production plant or at locations nearby. They sometimes also ship these cars to storage locations that are in close proximity to their customers, which enables the least amount of delivery time.

The ShipX supply chain portal solution for Plastics effectively addressees challenges which include:

  • Identify the location and quantity of granules Stored In Transit (SIT) yards by having detailed inventory projections, ensuring that the supply requirements meet the expected orders.
  • Automatically calculate detention and demurrage charges based on location agreements to be aware of pending charges and to validate charges.
  • Integrate with various carrier solutions to access and view shipment orders, confirmation of acceptance orders, pick up from railcars, and delivery to customers in real-time.
  • Easily capture and display important workflow details while minimizing operations times with an advanced Business Intelligence tool.
  • View car locations and ETA’s to track scheduled loads while receiving alerts for delayed or misplaced shipments.


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