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Crude Oil Gathering

Crude Oil Gathering

The ShipX® Crude Portal enables electronic collaboration among all parties in the crude gathering supply chain space. Excel paper and phone based communications are replaced with a state-of-the-art collaboration platform that integrates lease operators, gauges, truckers, pipeline schedulers and others in the crude gathering workflow. Based in the cloud, the ShipXpress Crude Portal requires only a browser, tablet or in-cab system to enable load tendering, load acceptance, pre-population of run tickets, status updates and ticket creation.

In use by three of the top players in the crude oil E&P industry, the ShipX® Crude Portal has driven measurable returns by connecting all entities across the supply chain and enabling greater efficiencies for all involved. 

The ShipX® Oil and Gas App, an all-inclusive mobile application which is linked to the ShipX® Crude Portal, is architecturally designed for efficient multi-party collaboration and electronic run ticket processing, and is also accessible and modifiable in real-time. This mobile application can be tailored to facilitate individual needs as well – if you can imagine it, we can get it done. Carriers using a generic Android or IOS tablet or phone can receive a shipment order, GPS verify pickup and delivery as well as print a BOL via a Bluetooth printer. We are constantly enhancing our oil and gas mobile solution to meet customer needs.

Check out our video detailing how crude oil is taken from the Lease Operator to the Refiner!

Contact Gerry Glynn on 904-241-5850 ext 210 OR David Williams on 904-241-5850 ext 108 for more information.


  • Quick implementation in weeks and easy integration
  • Cloud based, no software to install
  • Pre-populate run tickets – save time and reduce errors with automation and real-time data validation
  • GPS verification of pick-up and drop-off
  • Keep track of unit train operations and detect stragglers
  • Dynamic inventory projections
  • Vendor self-service reduces shipper’s workflow processes
  • Significant transportation cost savings
  • Electronic data transfer replaces manual data entry
  • Real time view of production and contract status
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  • Electronic run tickets for oil and water 
  • Unlimited user access for producers and their trading partners 
  • Full view of production activity 
  • Back office features such as allocation and reconciliation 
  • Integration of existing applications to enable seamless information sharing 
  • Fast configuration and time-to-market 
Extensive growth in the crude oil industry requires a new platform through which producers, marketers, schedulers and truckers can manage changes and trade-offs in real time. Contact us to see how your company’s operations can benefit with control and collaboration from the ShipXpress Crude Portal.
ShipXpress Crude Portal

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