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Coal Solutions


The supply chain approach to coal transportation

Coal transportation can be made exponentially easier with the use of a supply chain solution specifically catered to the industry’s needs. With a combination of our modules you can transport coal more efficiently, since that usually costs more than the coal itself. Manage your coal supply contracts and transportation contracts, keep track of your unit trains and cycle times, and monitor the quality of your coal, as well as your fleet, with ShipXpress.

From mined tonnage and particular coal specifications, to the commitments made from one location to another, our coal solution can help you keep track of the types of coal and their origin and destination locations at any given point. The ShipXpress Coal Supply Chain Solution allows you to monitor the coal specifications in your supply and inventory, as reported by the mines, so that you can monitor the quality and delivery of the coal as stated in your coal supply contract.

The transportation contracts you hold with different railroads will vary based on your particular needs as well as theirs. With ShipXpress, you can oversee unique commitments made between both parties – train size, railcar size, spare cars, cycle times, tons to be delivered, assigned route specifications, and specified components that must be added to a railcar on certain railroads such as the UP spec wheel or long-travel side bearings.

Have real-time visibility into your unit trains, empty or loaded, and know where each of your railcars are at any stage. By monitoring your loaded railcars with ShipXpress, you can track these railcars to their final destination and know when all loads to a location are delivered. By identifying the location of your empty stragglers you will know if railroads are not filling up unit trains accurately when railcars are available. This feature also allows you to get back your railcar for your use if railroads have accidentally placed your railcar into another customer’s train – saving you time and money. With this information, track cycle times and use this data to ensure that a railroad’s commitments are being delivered

Monitoring your fleet allows you to implement your preventative maintenance program and increases your ability to keep the railcars in best mechanical condition. With ShipXpress, you can track your maintenance and measure the results of your maintenance plan.


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