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Aggregates (Crushed Stone)


Aggregates form a significant part of the Non-Metallic Minerals' umbrella of components. Mainly used in the construction industry, aggregates play a large role in determining the economic health of a nation, since their demand is determined by construction activity, which drives up the demand for the relevant materials.

Our supply chain solution is well-suited to cope with the high demand of aggregates materials to all its end-uses. From the quarry and the mine to the processing plant and then to the points of sale, our solution provides you with the technological eyes and ears on the ground for you to track and trace your product from point of origin to final destination.

The aggregates industry is a burgeoning one, and it is not without challenges, especially in the transport aspect. For optimal processes, the ability to keep track of your gondola and hopper rail cars, barge, and truck fleets can make your annual production goals.

Our software solutions can enhance your transport network in the following ways:

  • Track and trace crushed stone shipments via truck, rail, and barge. 
  • Monitor crushed stone inventory at yard sites.
  • Calculate detention and demurrage rates to reduce rail car dwell time. 
  • Utilize an advanced business planning tool to streamline decision-making and ensure better processes. 
  • Automate eBOL generation and accounting. 
  • Coordinate shipment orders, tenders, pick-ups, and deliveries. 
  • Integrate EDI systems to connect all transport network collaborators on one platform. 

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